You Can’t Afford Not to Go to the Paris Air Show

Ahhh, Paris in the spring! The smell of jet fuel and the deafening roar of jet engines drowning out your conversations. It can only mean one thing….the Paris Air Show is in full bloom!

You can’t help but be excited when you feel the thunderous roar of a jet fighter vibrate through your chest as it passes just over head with full afterburners kicked in. It is a thrill to watch the aircraft you had  a small part in helping to produce perform amazing maneuvers.

The Paris Air Show is the largest of the year. It is a time in the aerospace industry to take stock in our accomplishments and learn what is new in the industries’ future. It is attended by all the major players and thousands of supply chain companies that support them.

This will be Aero Gear’s 4th time displaying at the Paris Air Show. Each year we attend we learn more and connect with more growth opportunities. It is a marketing managers’ dream opportunity to have all of your existing and potential customers in one location. You are able to meet face to face with the decision makers of those companies, learn about possible new business and exchange ideas. It is a networking opportunity second to none!

We at Aero Gear believe it is paramount to display your capabilities and attend the show if you want to be viewed as a global player in the industry. For a small company like Aero Gear displaying puts us in the” big pond with the big fish”.

Following up on your air show efforts that lead to new projects or new customers is the reason to go to the show. Aero Gear has experienced this each year which has contributed to the diversification of our customer base, a strategic goal for our company.

We realize that if we were to miss out on this opportunity each year it would hamper our ability to grow and meet our strategic goals. The possibilities are too great not to attend  the Pairs Air Show.


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