2013 Paris Air Show, Wet…Humid…Successful

The springtime weather in Paris is unpredictable to say the least. This year’s Paris Air Show was wetter and steamier than most. Even with the soggier conditions the Air Show was still as exciting and opportune as ever for us.

Paris Air Show

Each year we reap networking opportunities with existing and potential new customers at the Air Show. It gives us the opportunity to meet the decision-makers, shake hands, put faces with names and pursue our strategy goal to supply product on the major aerospace programs.

We hit a home run this year;  we were able to meet with a customer that has been on our diversification strategy radar for several years. They are involved on the ground floor of new programs for the Airbus 320Neo and the Boeing 737X. Both programs have an enormous future, offering significant growth potential for our company. It is going to be an exciting 2013-2014 in development on these programs.

Also one of our existing customers had us to their booth to discuss our interest in a new engine program they are developing for a market other than aerospace. The product requirements fit our manufacturing and assembly sweet spot perfectly. This opportunity will give us exposure into a totally new market with a new cast of potential customers and growth opportunities – exciting times.

Now back home in the office, we are on the long road to achieving our goals of incorporating a new program and/or customer by using the contacts and leads developed at the air show.

Occasionally a contract is obtained shortly after the Air Show meetings, as is the case with our customer who is developing a new engine program in a new market. The usual protocol takes several scheduled follow-up meetings at the customer and then at our facility which means extensive travel, e-mails and phone calls too many to count. The time this takes often leads into the next year’s Air Show.

The possibility alone of these opportunities is the reason you can’t afford not to attend the Air Show……so we’ll SEE YOU IN FARNBOROUGH 2014!

Doug & Brian Rose at the Paris Air Show

Brian Rose & Doug Rose at the Aero Gear Booth


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