Our New Vacuum Carburizing Furnace!

Aero Gear recently celebrated the installation of our new Vacuum Carburizing Furnace. The Furnace was manufactured and installed by Solar Manufacturing located in Pennsylvania.Image

Since Aero Gear specializes in carburized, hardened and precision ground gears, this furnace is a major step forward in new technology to advance the company’s capabilities. Aero Gear has always performed heat treating in house, which is not typical in our industry. We have felt that success in the aerospace gear industry is highly dependent on precisely controlling case depth and hardness so over the years we have developed this as a core competency.

Although we have been successfully gas carburizing for many years, we are excited about our new capabilities to provide this advanced technology to our customers. Precisely controlling case depth and hardness is essential to our product. This new technology allows us to precisely control case depth as well as minimize the typical distortion that comes from carburizing. Results have also demonstrated that the surface hardness can be driven “deeper” and case depth is more uniform between tooth flank and root which is beneficial for maintaining hardness after subsequent grinding processes.Image

The Solar and Aero Gear team worked together to provide a turn-key solution. While the furnace was being manufactured, the “recipes” were also being developed and performed for each part number on the same model furnace at Solar. This has allowed Aero Gear to have the furnace hit the factory floor all ready to run. Disassembly (at Solar) and re-assembly of the furnace (at Aero Gear) was performed by Solar with the support of the Aero Gear maintenance team in order to give them an in-depth understanding of this sophisticated piece of equipment.

The furnace is also equipped with a low pressure gas quench which will allow us to carburize and harden directly when applicable.

We are excited about offering our customers this advanced capability!

Want more information?  Visit our website http://www.aerogear.com


Have You Seen Our New Corporate Video?

We’ve been busy here at Aero Gear!  We have a new website (www.aerogear.com), with a blog, a LinkedIn company page (http://www.linkedin.com/company/aero-gear), and even a YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/aerogearinc)!

We also recently debuted a new corporate video!  If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet – take a look: