People, Products, Performance; Excellence Across the Board

Aero Gear’s tag line is “Insist on Excellence”.  But what does that really mean you may ask?  To us it means that we strive to provide the global aerospace industry with the finest power drive system consisting of carburized/hardened ground gears and gearbox assemblies.  Using the latest equipment and technology, such as multi-axis mill/turn, 3D solid modeling, and vacuum carburizing, to produce these high quality gears and gearboxes, is only part of the equation at Aero Gear. The high quality complex product that is required could never be realized without a highly skilled team of motivated people who are focused on performance, and “excellence”. This focus on highly technical crossed trained capable people separates Aero Gear from our competition.

Lean Manufacturing is our processing method, the flowing of parts through the various manufacturing operations in a line or cell, and the constant cross-training and updating of the skills of our people that staff them.  We continually conduct Kaizen events throughout each line and cell in our facility to ensure that we are operating effectively and efficiently from a system, technology, and operator capability stand point. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality product “just in time” to meet their schedule demands.  Each production line and cell tracks their performance against established metrics as part of our Visual Factory process.  Skill matrices of the operators, tied directly to our capacity planning system, help identify the capabilities in each cell and help with our internal cross-training efforts.  It is not only important to measure equipment capacity but also manpower capability that effects the machine utilization.

We apply this same culture to our supplier base. We hold them to a standard of excellence similar to that which we hold ourselves. Our quality and engineering people regularly visit with suppliers to ensure consistency of raw materials and services that our customers insist on. The suppliers in our supply chain are as important to the excellence of our product as our own internal operators.

Because Aero Gear likes to promote from within we have had several machinists starting at entry level position that have come from our affiliation with local technical high schools and community colleges’ manufacturing education programs. They have progressed and completed the cross training matrices as machinists at Aero Gear and have been promoted to key positions in critical areas of Quality Assurance and Manufacture Engineering. This process ensures our continued commitment to excellence at all levels of Aero Gear.

The continued investment in training, either through blending the experienced, highly skilled people with those who are less experienced or skilled, through formal seminars or through our tuition reimbursement program helps to drive the philosophy of “excellence” in our company.  This sharing of knowledge and experience, along with the dedication of our people to continuous learning and improvement, ensures that our “products and services” will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. Without these well trained capable people, our latest equipment and cutting edge technology would be underutilized in our efforts to meet our customer needs. This is why Aero Gear, as a privately owned manufacturer with over 30 years in aerospace, is an industry leader, and why we live our tag line “Insist on Excellence”.



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