Farnborough Air Show Offers an “Airfield” of Opportunities

Once again Aero Gear will be participating in the Farnborough Air Show! It will be our 5th time displaying at this extraordinary event. We have found it to be very beneficial to attend for many reasons. Not only is it an exciting place to be but, it is the largest air show of the year and attended by virtually everyone in the industry.1402

Each year we strategize on which customers, programs and power drive systems in the global aerospace industry have the most growth potential for us. We evaluate programs that are in development, in legacy mode, in full production or set for future growth. The airshow offers an enormous opportunity to interface with our existing customers and establish new relationships with potential customers where we can offer our engineering and manufacturing expertise in producing their products.

More than 200,000 industry people will attend the show representing both commercial and military aviation. It is attended by all the major players: Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, UTC, GE – It is also attended by thousands of companies that make up the supply chains that supply these major players. It is an unusual event where everyone in the industry is together and it is a great opportunity to network, exchange ideas and learn what is going on in the industry. You get to meet with the right people face to face and it is a very efficient way to meet with all of your customers in one location.

The show consists of: component manufacturers like Aero Gear displaying their products, static displays of the latest aircraft and of course the “airshow” itself where the latest aircraft are flying to demonstrate their capability. We are all excited this year to see the F35 fly for the first time at an airshow! This joint strike fighter is the most advanced fighter in the world. Aero Gear makes several components for this amazing aircraft powered by Pratt & Whitney’s F135 engine. Watching it fly will be invigorating just knowing that our company played a small role in making it happen. It gets you motivated and proud to be part of such a dynamic industry.

Some of the benefits of attending the show are intangible, but I believe it is important to display and attend the show if you want your company to be viewed as a global player in the industry. The meetings that take place at the airshow are the “kick-off” for the communication and coordination of meetings with potential customers that at some point through everyone’s efforts are realized with contracts for our product. With the industry ramping up developing new more fuel efficient, quieter and environmentally safer engines in the upcoming years, it is an exciting time for our industry!


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