Innovate While Pursuing Productivity

Aero Gear continues to invest in new technology!

We’ve added yet another piece of cutting-edge equipment to our collection.  Our most recent addition is the Mori Seki NT Series Twin Spindle Machining Center.  This multi-axis machine is a fusion of two innovative technologies that combine both machining centers and lathes! photo 

We can now convert a slug of steel into a complex configured aerospace gear ready for carburizing and finish processing, all in one operation! Without this new technology, manufacturing required multiple turning operations, gear shaping, hobbing and milling, all to prepare the gear for final heat treatment. Now, not only are labor hours reduced, but lead time is slashed from days to hours!

The machine is equipped with probing to monitor its cutting tools and the final products.  This new feature helps us maintain the precision of the cutting tools, and ensures that our final parts are top-of-the-line quality. 

photo 2Once programed and set in motion, this equipment can run “lights out”, without a person monitoring its action.  We believe that this type of investment in technology is important to stay competitive in the global market place. Aero Gear prides itself on being a highly responsive, high-tech, lean leader. Stay tuned to learn about our next investment in the near future!


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