2014 Farnborough Air Show Wrap Up

Aero Gear attended its 5th fruitful Farnborough Air Show!

Our first priority when attending an Air Show is getting meetings with the right people. We develop a B2B checklist plan to meet existing and potential customers at the shows. Meeting face to face with the decision makers in our industry is the best way to pursue existing and new business opportunities. This year we were able to meet with everyone on our list, and several others that were not sought us out. When we return from the show, we spend the year following up on all of the meetings we had, hoping to turn them in to new business.


While developing new business is the main reason we attend the Farnborough Air Show, we also look forward to the flight demonstrations. It is exciting to see the aircraft we supply hardware to fly overhead! This year the F-35 flight demonstration was expected to be the crown jewel of the show. This much anticipated aircraft is the world’s leading tactical fighter that was originally set to fly at Farnborough in 2012, but due to mechanical issues could not attend.

The air show marketing team kept everyone on the edge of their seats with press releases day to day in anticipation of the F-35 flying to Farnborough. It dominated every conversation. As most are aware a fire on the F135 engine in June 2014 grounded the fleet of F-35s. There was a thick cloud of drama each day – is it coming? Did they fix the problem in time? Do they know what caused the fire?  Unfortunately, on Wednesday 7/16, the air show officials held a press conference at the static display of the F-35 announcing officially that it was NOT coming to Farnborough. This ended the drama and dashed everyone’s hopes of seeing the F-35, the world’s most advanced fighter, fly. image004

We know that in time the F-35 issues that caused it not to appear at Farnborough will be dealt with and forgotten over time. The world’s most advanced fighter is still going through its’ growing pains, unfortunately one happened at the same time as the 2014 Farnborough Air Show.

Our disappointment of the F-35 not flying at the air show did not dampen our enthusiasm for the main reason we were there. We have many meetings to follow-up on and visits to existing and new customers in the next year that will develop into long term business relationships!

We will see you at the Paris Air Show 2015!!!!



Farnborough Air Show Offers an “Airfield” of Opportunities

Once again Aero Gear will be participating in the Farnborough Air Show! It will be our 5th time displaying at this extraordinary event. We have found it to be very beneficial to attend for many reasons. Not only is it an exciting place to be but, it is the largest air show of the year and attended by virtually everyone in the industry.1402

Each year we strategize on which customers, programs and power drive systems in the global aerospace industry have the most growth potential for us. We evaluate programs that are in development, in legacy mode, in full production or set for future growth. The airshow offers an enormous opportunity to interface with our existing customers and establish new relationships with potential customers where we can offer our engineering and manufacturing expertise in producing their products.

More than 200,000 industry people will attend the show representing both commercial and military aviation. It is attended by all the major players: Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, UTC, GE – It is also attended by thousands of companies that make up the supply chains that supply these major players. It is an unusual event where everyone in the industry is together and it is a great opportunity to network, exchange ideas and learn what is going on in the industry. You get to meet with the right people face to face and it is a very efficient way to meet with all of your customers in one location.

The show consists of: component manufacturers like Aero Gear displaying their products, static displays of the latest aircraft and of course the “airshow” itself where the latest aircraft are flying to demonstrate their capability. We are all excited this year to see the F35 fly for the first time at an airshow! This joint strike fighter is the most advanced fighter in the world. Aero Gear makes several components for this amazing aircraft powered by Pratt & Whitney’s F135 engine. Watching it fly will be invigorating just knowing that our company played a small role in making it happen. It gets you motivated and proud to be part of such a dynamic industry.

Some of the benefits of attending the show are intangible, but I believe it is important to display and attend the show if you want your company to be viewed as a global player in the industry. The meetings that take place at the airshow are the “kick-off” for the communication and coordination of meetings with potential customers that at some point through everyone’s efforts are realized with contracts for our product. With the industry ramping up developing new more fuel efficient, quieter and environmentally safer engines in the upcoming years, it is an exciting time for our industry!

2013 Paris Air Show, Wet…Humid…Successful

The springtime weather in Paris is unpredictable to say the least. This year’s Paris Air Show was wetter and steamier than most. Even with the soggier conditions the Air Show was still as exciting and opportune as ever for us.

Paris Air Show

Each year we reap networking opportunities with existing and potential new customers at the Air Show. It gives us the opportunity to meet the decision-makers, shake hands, put faces with names and pursue our strategy goal to supply product on the major aerospace programs.

We hit a home run this year;  we were able to meet with a customer that has been on our diversification strategy radar for several years. They are involved on the ground floor of new programs for the Airbus 320Neo and the Boeing 737X. Both programs have an enormous future, offering significant growth potential for our company. It is going to be an exciting 2013-2014 in development on these programs.

Also one of our existing customers had us to their booth to discuss our interest in a new engine program they are developing for a market other than aerospace. The product requirements fit our manufacturing and assembly sweet spot perfectly. This opportunity will give us exposure into a totally new market with a new cast of potential customers and growth opportunities – exciting times.

Now back home in the office, we are on the long road to achieving our goals of incorporating a new program and/or customer by using the contacts and leads developed at the air show.

Occasionally a contract is obtained shortly after the Air Show meetings, as is the case with our customer who is developing a new engine program in a new market. The usual protocol takes several scheduled follow-up meetings at the customer and then at our facility which means extensive travel, e-mails and phone calls too many to count. The time this takes often leads into the next year’s Air Show.

The possibility alone of these opportunities is the reason you can’t afford not to attend the Air Show……so we’ll SEE YOU IN FARNBOROUGH 2014!

Doug & Brian Rose at the Paris Air Show

Brian Rose & Doug Rose at the Aero Gear Booth

You Can’t Afford Not to Go to the Paris Air Show

Ahhh, Paris in the spring! The smell of jet fuel and the deafening roar of jet engines drowning out your conversations. It can only mean one thing….the Paris Air Show is in full bloom!

You can’t help but be excited when you feel the thunderous roar of a jet fighter vibrate through your chest as it passes just over head with full afterburners kicked in. It is a thrill to watch the aircraft you had  a small part in helping to produce perform amazing maneuvers.

The Paris Air Show is the largest of the year. It is a time in the aerospace industry to take stock in our accomplishments and learn what is new in the industries’ future. It is attended by all the major players and thousands of supply chain companies that support them.

This will be Aero Gear’s 4th time displaying at the Paris Air Show. Each year we attend we learn more and connect with more growth opportunities. It is a marketing managers’ dream opportunity to have all of your existing and potential customers in one location. You are able to meet face to face with the decision makers of those companies, learn about possible new business and exchange ideas. It is a networking opportunity second to none!

We at Aero Gear believe it is paramount to display your capabilities and attend the show if you want to be viewed as a global player in the industry. For a small company like Aero Gear displaying puts us in the” big pond with the big fish”.

Following up on your air show efforts that lead to new projects or new customers is the reason to go to the show. Aero Gear has experienced this each year which has contributed to the diversification of our customer base, a strategic goal for our company.

We realize that if we were to miss out on this opportunity each year it would hamper our ability to grow and meet our strategic goals. The possibilities are too great not to attend  the Pairs Air Show.